Love Is Not Real

by Basement Life

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released March 17, 2017

© 2017 Basement Life

Eric Mann - Guitars
Gavan Holden - Vocals/Bass
Brennan O'Brien - Drums

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Aslan Freeman
Recorded at Freeman Productions Studio in Chapel Hill, NC
Mastered by Jesse Cannon at Cannon Found Soundation in NYC.



all rights reserved


Basement Life Greensboro, North Carolina

Indie rock from Greensboro, NC. Former members of other bands.

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Track Name: Samantha Sweatshirt
this tiny gleam of hope is cracking beneath me
and every morning I awake my eyes are set on fire
throughout the day they burn away and they get so tired
a dismal face in any case is sure to leave a slow burn
it's a matter of picking pieces and constructing desirable spaces
but I'm brooding anyway
dear silly me
just fall asleep
ears attached to strings
world's smallest symphony
if I lead the day astray the tune stays with me
I'm left with hollow sockets and empty compartments
like the ones used to hold your emotions
designed to keep them sorted
so that you can you direct them at the convenient target
like it matters anyway
if the strings begin to fray the tune in haunting
I'm choking down on stems and leaves
upside down immersed in olive trees
that hang above your dim-lit street
where you deflect branches pipe dreaming
you're absorbed and I'm on fire
trying hard to burn in the letters
"love is not real" and I'm tired
what's the point you wishful forgetter
but that's not why I called tonight
Track Name: Attentioneater
you can fuck right off
cloak and dagger
no one likes the attentioneater
it doesn't matter where my shame is placed
don't let your feelings get in the way
my heart only burns on the surface
maybe one day you can take its place
just like I said, inviting wolves in your bed
makes the damage real enough to warrant
my heart only burns on the surface
there's only futile cells inside my self
I keep my spine interrupted
those intangible marks left in distress
just keep moving on into oblivion
your movements are so oblivious
Track Name: Fly By Night
let's have all your attention
listen but forget retention
we will auto-tune convictions
for ears washed in convention
the same words, the same words repeating
until your ears are bleeding
let's bypass production
send it straight for consumption
open the box, destroy the sum, market it to everyone
over-produce the same shit, reinvent the two-bit
well maybe we're the new trend
or byproduct of a ship sinking
money grows on our trees
we rake all the dead leaves
so what if they are dirty
we'll try to keep our hands clean
bottom lines and dollar signs
talk about your feelings
just sign on dotted lines
same formula repeating
there's no need to give credit
let's all just forget it
Track Name: Insert: Emoji
hey, what are you talking about?
I'm caught in this feeling here
you're falling on deaf ears and I'm fading out
remember that night that I crashed my car
and you were so worried about being late?
you stood wasted with folded arms
and you yelled at me about how you wanted more
I guess I'm truly amazed
at the way words roll off your back, Ms. Understood
it hurts because it should
and then went on about your dad and all you hate
about me being around with such sincerity
sat there crying under the street lamp
spitting daggers is so fucking convenient
I pump the gas and you hit the brakes
I run around for problems you create
scream and cry about art and influence
this crumpled car was not on my to-do list
you drown the sound and start throwing shade
at the Weakerthans and listening to Braid
you say that 'love' is a word with a meaning
and then turn and fly south on the weekends
I'm out of breath from just keeping pace
the southside stretch and your worn in face
I keep asking myself why I do this
you're so goddamn motherfucking selfish
you only seem to care when I'm on your way
you've only got my back when it's in your face
bleeding out, spilling guts on your front lawn
stitch me shut so I'm up and can be gone
you still can't hide your insecurity
with a million smiles, it comes between your teeth
spilling out with every sip of your cocktail
soaking into every thread of your dumb blouse
I keep thinking things happen for reasons
but truth is some things leave no explanation
I walked fourteen blocks while thinking
do the means always justify the end?
Track Name: Sports Neighborhood
who are we? bless this bottle
line the floor with glass and try not to stumble
what's the difference in empty and loaded?
we're different layers of the same fucking substance
are we moving up or down?
either way we're out of reach
let's stop and think about where this is going or retreat
there's no point in trying to retrace
past animals occupying dead space
it's all timing
we live for holidays and occupying space
Track Name: Beaufort, NC/Beaufort, SC
help someone, earn a friend
help them too much, you make an enemy, I'm told
sometimes eyes shine brighter
this place is on fire and I'm burning, I'm burning
summer stares are my best friends
but it all depends on what you're waiting for
it doesn't hurt to have all the answers
when people scatter, you're left sinking, I'm sinking
you need to think about your life
you think too slow
in the heat of apathy
our skulls turn into lead
a total disregard
for anything expressed
Track Name: Machine Works, Machine Works
our happiness is unsustainable
with every kiss, we try, it's unavoidable
these lips are tied in need of hospitals
when you wake at night, my shoes are already on
just got my feet up
the water's almost to the bed
just caught my breath and we're caught in the stream again
just got my feet up
the water's almost to the bed
we got caught in the stream again
the water's almost to the bed
we got caught in the dream again
I got lost in my head, I can't keep it from wandering
every spot I'm in, I find it's always the people
closest that are the most feeble
so lie awake at night because the light is still on
we're trying endlessly to steer the course and feign remorse
all these sheets are still unraveling
but if we know our truths and still believe we can achieve
the monsters underneath can still be slain
Track Name: Stratosphere
don't forget the words poised on my lips
those nuts and bolts fastened to my throat
overtones and division attend to coarse intentions
we're hanging by a thread but we're not ahead of that
I watched the choices disappear
they sailed straight through the stratosphere
but altitude calms my mind
you gotta watch me all the time
I know the air is thin, but don't miss a beat
it can be hard to get me
don't be so cold hearted
talk to me, is this more than we bargained
I'm just being honest, I'm just being honest
we're loud and petty thieves
it's really sad that we just got started
but you act like this is what you wanted
Track Name: Swan
you said that Mondays
are the best for getting out of bed
cold chains, steel frame
all the luxuries of the fucking dead
head phones and blindfolds
head for the door but you're never leaving home
sustain dead weight
Rx to excess and medicate
who cares who's strung along?
it's always the same damn swan song
who cares who's right or wrong?
it's always the same damn swan song
you can't help but beat what isn't dead
you'll cut your own throat to spite your head
a cadaver that feeds on punishment
pull back the sheets, it's in your bed
fractured bones and hemorrhages
depleting sleep in spite of medicine
Track Name: For/Whatever
swim for the shore
this is a shit storm
just let the winds blow
your fucking body afloat, watch the undertow
it's so hard to make
a ship that's built to brave
a seasoned climate change
stonewall waves of angst and just float away
don't mind the rocks scraping your knees
even if the skin begins to bleed
it'll only fill the water with the taste and scent of fathers
that didn't want to bother to teach their little birds to sing
the other birds are perched in trees
along jagged lines of shores and seas
but is there someone to comfort me
when I show my teeth and start to scream
"bring down the sharpest rains
with the force of a thousand men
let the winds tear through the barge along with the captain
you're still not far away
that shore won't make you safe
but you keep paddling
as if vows are all that you'll break
you're on your own"